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5050 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45227, US

Phone: (513) 272-2800


In 2022, St. Aloysius and The Children’s Home integrated their organizations to become Greater Cincinnati’s most prolific nonprofit specializing in education, behavioral, and therapeutic and autism services for vulnerable and at-risk youth.

Today, Best Point provides education and therapeutic treatment for children and their families facing social, behavioral and learning challenges. Through 30+ campus and community-based programs and services, we transform young lives, helping children succeed in their homes, schools and communities. We also provide consultation services for parents, and conduct training for caregivers and professionals.


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Logan's Story

Logan Ness is a 2020 graduate from The Heidt Center of Excellence by The Children's Home. When he was a young child, Logan was diagnosed with autism. His life's path eventually led him to our organization. Check out this amazing young man's story of overcoming very significant obstacles and his plans for the future.

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