Sustainability Night

As a part of Findlay Market's Greening the Market program, Findlay Market will be hosting Sustainability Night each Tuesday from 4-8 p.m. They will be collecting recyclables and other items in an effort to reduce waste at the market and within our community. They will have drop off locations set up at Jane's on the Elm Street Esplanade.

Collected Items through The Cincinnati Recycling and Reuse Hub:
-Prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses
-Dried markers/highlighters and pens
-Disposable Straws (cleaned)
-Cell phone cases
-Wine Corks & other cork material

Collected Items Through Findlay Market
-Clean, broken down cardboard boxes
-Reusable shopping bags
-Triple A to 9V Batteries
Traditional recyclable items Hamilton County accepts
-Plastics: bottles, jugs, and tubs/yogurt cups/containers
-Aluminum cans and other metal cans & tins
-Glass bottles & jars

Gleaned Items Through Society of St. Andrew
-Non-expired whole produce from residential participants
-Non-expired whole produce & meat/dairy products from Findlay Market vendors

More information can be found here:

When: May 28, 2024 4:00PM - 8:00PM
Where: Findlay Market
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Sustainability Night