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Our mission is to provide you with a one of a kind party experience that will keep all of your guests laughing and smiling along the way. We bring the fun and joy to all of your party guests' faces and strive to make your party the best party around!

We offer:
- Bounce Houses
- Photography Services
- Fog Machines
- A Slide
- Ball Pit

Coordinating events is something we have always enjoyed. We love going over-the-top for birthdays, weddings, whatever the occasion might be.. we want to make you feel special!


I made the amazing decision to book my gender reveal with my sister, Courtney, one of the owners of Bounce House Babes earlier this month. The Bounce House exceeded my expectations and made for beautiful photos that I’ll cherish forever. Courtney added colorful balloon arches to both sides of the bounce house which made the big white bounce house even more beautiful than it already is. I would recommend using Bounce House Babes for so many events, and I am so glad my gender reveal was done in such a beautiful setting! Thank you so much Courtney and Bounce House Babes. 💗

- Caitlin Couch

— Caitlin Couch

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