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By Appointment: 1526 Scott Street, Covington, KY, 41014, US

Phone: (859) 620-7406


Marilyn, owner of Yankee Doodle Deli, started baking as a way to work through her grief after Yankee Doodle, her beloved Sheltie, passed away. One of her most successful creations was her Spicy Pretzel snack. The gift shop at Drake Medical Center asked to carry them and the business was born!

The following year, Marilyn brought a 6-year-old Sheltie into her life. Her name was Karma and she brought good Karma to the business. She added new varieties of her gourmet flavored pretzels and many other stores added ZELS to their shelves.

After Karma passed, Marilyn went several years without a dog, until friends offered her a puppy. Zellie is a lively mix of poodle, Shih Zsu and Pomeranian. She is an excellent mascot for ZELS.

From the beginning, Marilyn designed the business as a way to give back to the community in two prominent ways. Donations are made to the University of Cincinnati Foundation / Sunflower Rev It Up for Parkinson's in honor of Marilyn's father. Secondly, the business hires Second Chance and non-traditional workers and partners with the Life Learning Center and The Point Arc in this endeavor.

With six tasty flavors and lots of size options, ZELS gourmet flavored pretzels will soon become your new favorite snack. If you like a little dip for your crunch, browse their dips and spreads--perfect for pairing with all our flavors. Check out their gift packs too--all on the website.


Flavorful Favors Gift Pack

Your friends will love receiving ZELS at your next party!

For $55, you get 36 bags (1.3 oz. size, 6 of each variety) to share as favors. They're great for weddings, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds. Flavor combinations are customizable.

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Thank You Gift

Express your gratitude the ZELS way!

Our $25 Thank You Gift includes four 2.5 oz. bags of ZELS, a packet of 4 ZOLOS (chocolatey-caramely goodness), a bag clip and a personalized thank you card. You choose the flavors and tell us what to write on the card. It's a memorable way to thank someone!

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All Sweet, No Heat Gift Basket

This mouth-watering selection of four 8 oz. bags gives you our sweet (Bourbon and Cinnamon) and savory (Honey and Citrus) ZELS, four ZOLOS (bites of cinnamon+chocolate+caramel), along with a jar of Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jam (perfect for dipping), all nestled attractively in a tray for only $40

It's sure to please everyone who wants lots of flavor, but no heat.

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Regional Treats: Sweet & Spicy!

Delicious flavor combos, ready for gifting! Two flavors of crunchy ZELS plus two dips, perfectly paired for snacking! In this spicy and sweet gift pack, we've matched our Spicy ZELS with a creamy blue cheese dip and our fruity Citrus ZELS with a luscious chocolate raspberry jam. We've also included a 4-pack of our yummy ZOLOS for $40!

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Daredevil Challenge Gift Pack

For $25, you get two canisters filled with ZELS: Spicy (8oz) and Fiery (10 oz.), 2 oz. of our Devil's Dust (aka Three Alarm Spice Rub) plus recipe cards for our adventurous eaters out there!

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Small Zampler Gift Pack

For $25, this gift is perfect for sharing. This Zampler pack has six 2.5 oz. bags of ZELS, one of each tasty flavor, plus Zolos in the "just a taste" size (6) and a bag clip.

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Large Zampler Gift Pack

For $50, you receive six 8 oz. bags (one of each flavor) fill this sampler pack, along with Zolos (6) and a bag clip--you won't run out of ZELS anytime soon!

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Regional Treats: Savory & Sweet

Delicious flavor combos, ready for gifting!

2 flavors of crunchy ZELS + 2 dips = 1 perfect pairing for snacking happiness

You'll love our savory Honey ZELS with local fave Banana Pepper Mustard and your sweet tooth will be satisfied when you dip Bourbon ZELS into the Harvest Peach Ginger sauce. We also include a 4-pack of our yummy ZOLOS for $40.

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