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Cincinnati, OH


We're building TinnCann because, too often, access to the people we need to talk to is limited by finances, connections, or geography.

What if every aspiring athlete could talk to an Olympic medalist?
...Or every student could talk to an astronaut?
...Or anyone navigating uniquely lonely circumstances could talk to someone who has been through a similar experience and offer an understanding ear?

We don't believe that those conversations should be relegated to luck. Expertise, inspiration, and wisdom are for everyone. TinnCann represents a roster of world-class Experts who share our vision and crave an opportunity to give back. When someone joins TinnCann, it's because they wish TinnCann existed for themselves at some point in the past.

On TinnCann, everyone is just a few clicks from making music with a Grammy-winning composer or getting past stage fright with the help of a professional ballroom dancer.

We're just getting started. Our hope is that you'll try it out and tell us what you thought of the experience afterwards.


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