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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Phone: (513) 400-4018

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Raven Jackson is the founder of Raven’s Creations. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio by her mother who inspired her initial love of cooking. Her passion for cooking deepened throughout her teenage years and peaked while participating in annual cook offs at college.

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Criminal Justice, and shortly after launched Raven’s Creations. After posting a vegetarian spread on Instagram, many of her peers urged her to begin selling plates and Raven’s Creations took off from there.

Raven combines her love of traveling with cooking and many of her dishes are influenced by cultures she experienced abroad in places like Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, Africa and more. Raven is a self taught culinary creative. Despite being a vegetarian, Raven is known for her mouthwatering meat entrees. Raven’s meals are not only aesthetically pleasing but very flavorful as well.

Today Raven’s Creations has transformed into a catering service, and hosts a variety of events from birthday celebrations and luncheons, to networking and event socials.


The food was amazing, the ambiance was perfect. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

— Derek E.

Raven is a well respected Chef! Food is always on point and service is great! One of the best food experiences!

— Shawn G.

Raven! It was perfect. Nothing but compliments on the food and the croissants were a hit!

— David H.

Everything was amazing, the group was even trying to eat the decorative flowers.

— DeAndre S.

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