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1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45202, US

Phone: (513) 818-2990


Product Refinery is a concept to consumer product development firm that specializes in CPG goods. The team at Product Refinery is now spearheading their own innovation to aid Cincinnati in the removal and disposal of litter and have created the Cleanup Cart - a freestanding mobile cleaning unit that can be used by community organizations to clean up their neighborhoods in a modern, engaging, and simple way.

At Product Refinery, we help entrepreneurs launch their next big idea through brand and product development, manufacturing and sourcing, and product launch strategy.


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Product Refinery - Design + Make + Market + Ship

Product Refinery is an Entrepreneur Service Provider that provides creators, inventors, and businesses the services they need to Design, Make, Market, and Ship their ideas into the global market.

We've built our business so entrepreneurs can realize their products from concept to consumer. Whether the idea is scribbled on a napkin, or has already had some market traction and needs to scale, Product Refinery is the one-stop shop to take a product idea and transform it into a sustainable product business.

Our Services:

We offer industrial design services to provide clients with an understanding of the product market and a viable manufacturable product that features leading-edge technologies and engineering.

Design Services: Market Assessment, Product Development, and 3D Modeling

Once we have your product designed and ready for manufacture, our network of production partners provides our clients their expertise to ensure the highest quality products.

Make Services: Prototyping, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing.

To ensure a successful entry to market, our team of creative experts provide our clients with exciting and engaging marketing campaigns to attract even the most niche audiences.

Market Services: Branding, Strategy, and Execution

To complete our concept to consumer services, we manage inventory logistics and deliver our client's products with our 3PL services to finalize an excellent customer experience.

Ship Services: Packaging, Importing + Exporting, Fulfillment

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