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3420 Glenmore Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45211, US

Phone: 5132026706

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O2 Urban Farms will provide jobs, produce and food education in challenged neighborhoods by establishing aquaponic urban farms in those communities while advancing the science of sustainable farming techniques.


There are Five (5) foundational principles that center our efforts.

1) Building healthy communities through better food and work options.

2) Growing produce locally

3) Growing produce in the most sustainable manner possible

4) Developing a standard production design that can be replicated in other urban neighborhoods

5) Educating local communities about better life choices

The same amount of crops can be grown more efficiently than land farming.

· 95% LESS Water

· 50% LESS Work

· 90% LESS Energy

· 10 Times the output in ½ the time

· NO Pesticides

· Protein available from harvesting the Fish

· Sustainable Production AND Sustainable Economical Cash Generation – Social Enterprise

· Year-Round Production of Fresh Produce AND Jobs


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