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Mixicles® frozen botanical mixers were created by longtime colleagues and friends with a shared passion for craft cocktails. These ice cubes contain all the ingredients you need for perfectly crafted mixed drinks, minus the alcohol — and minus the calories, preservatives, and artificial ingredients found in conventional mixers. Simply top Mixicles® with your favorite spirit, wine, or beer, and enjoy as the flavors unfold and infuse your drink. Because Mixicles® do not contain any alcohol, you can also enjoy them as the natural foundation for distinctive mocktails or smoothies.

Hand made in small batches at Findlay Kitchen in OTR, the 100% natural ingredients in Mixicles® are frozen immediately, so you get the pure taste and flavor of the botanicals perfectly preserved — and at a fraction of the cost of buying all the ingredients yourself. Plus, Mixicles® keep their fresh flavors in your freezer, so you can just use them as you need them. No wasted fruits, herbs, or other expensive ingredients.

For information on where to find Mixicles® in the Greater Cincinnati area, please visit www.mixicles.com. You can also order Mixicles® for shipment on dry ice anywhere in the Continental U.S.


Mixicles are a great way to enjoy a craft cocktail that’s refreshingly simple and doesn’t require a trip to your local cocktail bar! I love that you can choose your flavor, pick your spirit, and either shake it up and serve, or put the cube in the spirit and enjoy the flavors as it melts. Perfect experience each time.

— Meagan M.

OMG!!!! The cubes were added to champagne for NYE & it was the best beverage I've had since New Orleans. EXTREMELY DELICIOUS. I'll be ordering MANY for myself & entertaining. AMAZING flavors & I'm so excited to serve drinks to my people with Mixicles! Thank you!!!

— Dionne M.

Quarantining? No problem! With Mixicles, we've designed our own specialty cocktails at home. My favorite is Orange Blossom Pomegranate with vodka and a splash of seltzer. Our order was shipped to us by 2-day ground, and arrived frozen and ready to enjoy.

— Mark E.

Talk about delicious, clean, innovative and FUN!!! I LOVE Mixicles! Such a smart and simple concept. Where have these been all my life?

— Leslie Y.

Such a wonderful concept! I’ve never been good at mixed drinks and bought four flavors for my NYE party. They were a hit! Even the kids liked trying them in their sparkling juice. I will definitely be purchasing more!

— Emily V.

I love a great craft cocktail and will go out of my way to find them. I can never replicate them at home, though, even when a bartender is willing to share the ingredients & proportions. And there’s always an exotic ingredient I don’t have on my shelf. This is why Mixicles are such a great find. They have incredible flavors, many of which work equally well in several types of spirits. But here’s the best part. I can consistently make an outstanding cocktail every single time.

— Marty S.

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Introducing a New Kind of Mixer

Mixicles® frozen botanical cubes are the natural foundation for quick, consistent craft cocktails. Simply top a cube with your favorite spirit or other beverage, and enjoy as the flavors unfold and infuse your drink.