A community. A movement. An immersive experience.

Lotus is a modern disco. Home of great music, spectacular performances, and themed, costumed dance parties.

It brings people together to celebrate our individuality while creating a unified culture.


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Lotus is having a party to kick off Christmas. We’re throwing a Saturnalia party. What is that? It’s the festival that existed in Rome before Christmas. It celebrates Saturn, the god of agriculture.

Sounds boring?

Well… this festival turned things upside down. Literally. The chains on Saturn would be broken and festivities began. Revelers celebrated by ignoring the societal rules pressed upon them. Instead of wearing dull clothing, they wore bright beautiful colors. There was no class system, everyone was equal. One of the highlights of the celebration was gift giving. Hence… the influence this festival had when Christmas was created.

When: December 17, 2022 8:00PM - 1:00AM
Where: Liberty Exhibition Hall
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New Years Eve

Lotus is joining forces with HIVE (a collection of multiple groups in town) to throw THE biggest New Years Eve party in town. With TWO floors, we’ll have everything you need.

The bottom floor will kick the night off with some of Cincinnati’s top bands. The night will then progress. As midnight hits, we’ll bring in the New Year with some of the top DJs from the Banks and OTR.

On the Second floor, we’ll start the night out with DJs spinning Vinyl (WHAAAAAAT?!!!). Disco baby will then slowly turn into tech house. At midnight, we have a special guest we’re flying in to help celebrate the ball drop. And then we’ll close the night with some of the best EDM DJs cincy currently has.

When: December 31, 2022 8:00PM - January 1, 2023 1:00AM
Where: Mockbee
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